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For 50 years the U 87 has been setting standards in the field of audio recording. Neumann celebrates the anniversary of this studio legend with a very special limited edition, the U 87 Rhodium Edition – a microphone that looks as classy as it sounds.



Its universality has made the U 87 a versatile yet unforgotten legend – almost all the great names of the music industry have worked with it. Once you have seen rhodium, you will forget about other precious metals. The combination is the ideal way to celebrate the 50th birthday of the U 87. The Rhodium Edition also visually upholds the high standards of the Neumann legend. Rhodium reflects more light than any other precious metal. That’s why it is used for the mirrors of high-performance telescopes that study the farthest reaches of the universe. Additionally, rhodium is rarer than gold. The chemical process used to extract it is so expensive that the annual world production would fit under a living room table. So when Paul McCartney’s record sales left gold and platinum in the dust, in 1979 he received the world’s first and only rhodium record.



Neumann - U 87- The Rhodium Edition

SKU: 008681
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